Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Analytics aim to endow each organization and individual with the means to monitor, and act upon, the levers of their performance.

There is much media hype about cutting-edge technological innovations in the management of massive data and in predictive analytics solutions. In this context, enterprises continue to face a major challenge addressing the technologies and approaches available to access, analyze and understand the real key factors behind their performance.

Keyrus sets itself the objective of equipping its clients with the best arms to launch an assault on massive data. In this way, they will be able to take advantage of their previous investments and develop new paradigms which gently bring together traditional models with innovative ones. As a result, enterprises will be capable of exploiting the very essence of the deluge of information assets available to them.

Create and develop an agile and efficient BI Roadmap.

  • Design hybrid BI models which unlock the potential of all multi-structured information.
  • Accelerate the implementation of solutions through data exploration and visualization.
  • Promote the autonomy of business users.

Keyrus helps its clients to grow in maturity and extend the scope of their BI solutions. By designing and implementing Business Intelligence Systems, the Group gives its clients effective tools enabling them to surpass their competitors.  


  • BI Strategy and Roadmap

    Keyrus possesses recognized experience in supporting the development of Business Intelligence and Analytics strategies. Building on this, Keyrus helps its clients to create a Business Intelligence Roadmap, assisting them through the critical choices key to the success of their initiative. Keyrus encourages an overall approach, incorporating technical, functional and organizational dimensions, so as to enhance BI maturity.

    • Prepare the Roadmap : organization, technologies, architectures
    • Manage the project portfolio
    • Define the master plan and implementation trajectory

  • BI Governance and Skills Center

    In order to make their investments profitable, improve the effectiveness of their systems in terms of BI and Analytics and develop their agility, enterprises must address new organizational and governance challenges. Keyrus assists its clients in formulating and deploying organizational models so as to transform BI and Analytics into real catalysts of performance.

    • Design and deploy the organization of BI
    • Manage changes
    • Put in place a BI service center

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

    Business Intelligence and Analytics aim to endow each organization and individual with the means to monitor, and act upon, the levers of their performance. They encompass technologies, methods and paradigms aiming to make accessible data which is relevant, objective and usable. 

    Their goal is to enable evidence-based decision-making. Keyrus helps its clients reach their objectives by striving, in particular, to find a balance between technological innovation and the realities of the enterprise.

    • Deploy strategic monitoring and analysis solutions

  • Data exploration and Visualization

    Data exploration and visualization technologies are significant agents for change, upsetting, as they do, the traditional BI balance and shifting it towards greater empowerment of end users. Data exploration and visualization solutions are one of the pillars of modern BI ecosystems, addressing new challenges in terms of interactivity, ergonomy and integration. Keyrus assists its clients throughout the exploration and visualization stages.

    • Build the Business Cases for exploration and visualization solutions
    • Recommend and deploy data exploration and visualization solutions
    • Integrate the technologies into the existing Business Intelligence landscape

  • Pervasive BI

    Technological innovations and the increase in the number of digital devices have allowed Business Intelligence to become more widespread. These factors have also enabled it to penetrate the enterprise's processes and commercial networks via embedded tools for analysis. Thanks to an ever greater degree of proximity with the enterprise's users, customers and consumers, BI now aims to be accessible to all, on all media, in all locations and at all times. In this way, it is broadening practices and contributing to the development of Business Models. Keyrus assists its clients in deploying pervasive analytical mechanics to promote their performance.

    • Deploy mobile Business Intelligence solutions
    • Integrate real-time, omnichannel and embedded tools for analysis