Webinar: Discover QlikView® NPrinting

    The correct information shared with the right people and delivered on time!

    QlikView®NPrinting is an extension of the existing QlikView and QlikSense solution that allows you to create great looking static reports quickly and delivered through centralized scheduling and distribution or on-demand access. With NPrinting, QlikView can serve as a single system for both interactive analytics and reporting, allowing organizations to retire redundant systems and save significant costs.

    This tool allows you to exploit your existing data and graphics from your dashboards In QlikView/QlikSense in a variety of popular formats, Microsoft Office, PDF and HTML.

    NPrinting allows users to:

    • Create reports by using existing data, analytics and graphs from QlikView/QlikSense.
    • Centrally schedule, generate, and deliver reports to a variety of recipients, with filtered information customized to the user.
    • Drive both analysis and reporting from the QlikView/QlikSense platform, allowing the retirement of redundant reporting systems

    During this webinar Keyrus Canada will help you discover:

    • NPrinting static reporting
    • Using QlikView/QlikSense with NPrinting
    • How to present your reports
    • How to distribute and share your reports
    • How to adapt reports to your users